Privacy is a fundamental human right. At enaible, it’s also one core to our beliefs.
Your data is important to so many parts of your life. What you share from those
experiences, and who you share it with, should be up to you. enaible is designed
to protect your privacy and give you control over your information. It’s not always
easy. But that’s the kind of innovation we believe in.

Your work.
Your data.
Your success.

enaible can’t pull your personal data.

If you happen to use a work device to check your bank account, stream a video, shop for a new bike, or stream social media, that’s your life not your work. enaible’s collection and use of data is limited to your work systems.

A private and safe experience.

enaible’s privacy standards respect user privacy and ensure only relevant and appropriate information is available. Privacy is built in from the beginning. Innovative privacy technologies and techniques designed to minimize how much of your data we — or anyone else — can access. And powerful security features help prevent anyone except you from being able to access your information.

Transparency at all times.

Everything is designed to provide users with transparency. The collection and use of data is limited and everything is designed to provide users with transparency.  enaible protocols limit exposure to certain information.You will be able to see exactly what data is being used and what is shared with your manager. We make sure you know how your information is being used.

We all wear masks. So does enaible.

enaible learns what you need. Not who you are. enaible has developed technologies to help obscure your identity when data must go to enaible servers. A personal mask – a long string of letters and numbers – is created for each user to protect your identity at all times. We call this the enaibleID. The collected information does not identify you personally. Techniques like these help us deliver and improve services while protecting your privacy.

A secure foundation.

Without security protections, there is no privacy. enaible provides maximum security and a transparent user experience. enaible uses critical security features like data encryption. Services provide a mechanism for secure and timely software updates to provide a safer experience.

Protected with encryption.

What’s stored in enaible is protected with encryption, which provides the highest level of data security. Your enaible content is encrypted when it’s transferred and stored with security features designed to protect your data while giving you fast and easy access. No one else can access or read this data.