New power in your hands.

Introducing the remarkable new future of work.

Imagine a new era of work.

Without the need for monitoring.

Maximizing productivity while
minimizing stress and burnout.

That is flexible for
remote and hybrid work.

Put to work no matter where you are.

When the world changes, business changes too. enaible gives your employees the power and flexibility to do whatever needs to be done — wherever that may be.

Welcome to the future of work.
The future of productivity.

Welcome to enaible.

Have your cake. And eat it too.

Maximize productivity & minimizing stress and burnout.

Working longer hours to achieve the same amount of work isn’t what enaible believes in. While that may give the impression of being more productive, it’s not. Take control of your time to go from being tied up to freed up.

Human experience (HX) replacing employee experience (EX).

When people love what they do, what they do is amazing. In the absence of “cubicle coaching”, enaible is a teammate you’ll look forward to connecting with to make work more personal.

Flexible for remote and hybrid work.

enaible highlights changing work styles and habits comparing on-premise and remote work. With this vital data you can win the guessing game when making decisions on who should work where and how to work in the best ways.

Unbiased recognition.  Don’t pass anyone over.

Even when you’re out of sight, you can be top of mind. enaible gives the appreciation you desire and even let your boss know the praise you deserve.

Empower, don't monitor.

Productivity measurement was probably broken before the pandemic, and nobody was quite sure how to fix it. With enaible the attitude, "If I can't see you, you're not doing much" is replaced with “I know what you’re achieving, even when I can’t see you”.